Cutlass Crusades Tournament


Registration for the Cutlass Crusades competition at Fest of Legends '24 is now open! 

Click here to register your crew AFTER you have purchased your tickets

The Cutlass Crusades is an unofficial Sea of Thieves competition that was created in April 2021. It's a PvPvE scavenger hunt where 5 crews scavenge the 3 main regions, one at a time, to see who can scavenge and/or steal the most treasure.

The Cutlass Crusades has been run monthly as a charity fund-raiser and to-date has benefitted over 10 charities.

"As a celebration spanning the whole community, it brings together all sorts of pirates – from content creators to community members – to pit their wits and skills against each other, aiming to not only come out on top but to raise money for good causes." - SOT Legend Spotlight

For all the details around the structure and rules for the event, join the Cutlass Crusades discord.